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It is estimated that 25% of the workforce goes through transitions every year.  It is important for organizations to ensure their employees are prepared and fit into their new roles as quickly as possible.  AAI uses onboarding to help organizations get new employees up to speed and a head start on development with their new culture.

Onboarding: Accelerating Success

Hiring employees that have the behavioral, cognitive, and skills mix that lead to success, does not guarantee workplace achievement.  By providing AAI’s onboarding services, new employees will have a plan from day one.  It will help them adjust to social and task base performance measures quickly.  It will prepare employees for success by educating them on the behaviors, skills, knowledge, and attitudes that will contribute to effectiveness on the job.  the results of onboarding are higher job satisfaction and organizational commitment, lower turnover, higher performance, and lowered stress.

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Once people are part of the organization, AAI’s assessments offer insights on what an individual may improve upon to increase their success and performance as well as providing specific, actionable activities to do so.  Through development, individuals can prepare themselves for new roles and improve not only their current performance, but their value to the organization by building new skillsets and a broader base of experience.  AAI offers the tools to identify the areas people should leverage in their careers as well as potential areas if improved, could accelerate their career success.

One-on-One Coaching

In-depth discussions with a trained coach highlight individual strengths and focus on high-impact areas for development in order to improve performance and promotability.  More info.

Advancement Potential Inventory

The API combines personality and reasoning into an overall measure of potential and likely success in expanded and future roles.  More info.

360 Degree Assessment Feedback

360° assessments utilize ratings of behaviors and competencies from those a person works closely with to identify potential strengths and areas for improvement.  More info.

Work Behavior Inventory

The WBI assesses a person’s personality giving insights into how they act, work, and interact with others.  More info.

Applied Reasoning

The ART assesses a person’s ability to reason, problem solve, learn new concepts, and understand complex relationships across three separate abilities: Verbal, Numerical, & Abstract Reasoning.  More info.

Through AAI’s assessment and development approach to onboarding, there are several benefits to your organization:

  • Identify fit
  • Early identification of talent & future leaders
  • Identify critical competencies to improve
  • higher job satisfaction
  • higher performance
  • lowered turnover
  • reduced stress