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Leaders are the principal shapers of an organization’s culture.  What they do and how they interact with others is critical to the organization’s success.  AAI’S Coaching Winners! program is an in-depth process designed to help leaders develop specific skills and behaviors that lead to improved effectiveness.  The emphasis is on developing and honing practical skills for immediate application.

  • AAI’s Process
  • Benefits to Employees
  • Benefits to the Organization

AAI’s Coaching Winners! process involves five steps:

  • Assessment.  An analysis of the individual’s competencies and behavioral styles.  This can include AAI’s multi-rater 360° Assessment, the Work Behavior Inventory Development Report, use of behavioral questionnaires, 360° interviews and/or direct observation.
  • Action Planning.  The creation of a focused Individual Development Action Plan.  The manager and coach work together to develop this focused and highly-relevant plan of action.
  • Coaching Sessions.  One-on-one coaching sessions by highly seasoned coaches can be arranged.
  • Phone Consultation.  The availability of the coach on an as-needed basis helps connect the initial Coaching Sessions and Progress Update Sessions.
  • Progress Update Sessions.  The coach provides a practical progress review with recommendations for future improvement.  At the final Progress Update Session a Targeted Coaching Report is provided.
  • Identify and overcome “blind spots”.
  • Gain alignment between boss and subordinate to focus individual development on the highest priority areas and build strengths.
  • Enhance development through action learning.
  • Unlock career potential.
  • Enhance skills that will benefit them for their entire career.
  • Obtain individualized guidance from seasoned professionals.
  • Providing a cost-effective and efficient process.
  • Creating and linking focused Development Action Plans to business objectives.
  • Developing capability (i.e., bench strength) for emerging leadership needs.
  • Unlocking potential of underperforming employees through continuous learning and development.
  • Enhancing performance of both individuals and organizations.