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Employee assessment is a powerful tool for organizations to leverage their human capital.  It allows for a better understanding of applicants and employees enabling organizations to make better hiring decisions and create individual development plans to improve performance.

  • Improve selection decisions
  • More cohesive work units
  • More successful onboarding
  • Pinpoint strengths to leverage
  • Identify development needs
  • Accelerate leadership development
  • Improve individual performance
  • Improve teamwork and team dynamics
  • Hire and promote more high potentials
  • Identify the talent for your organization
  • Accelerate career success

Based on the scientific research and literature over the last hundred years, AAI’s assessments are structured around three dimensions:

  • Personality
  • Cognitive Ability
  • 360° Assessment

Personality has been found to be a powerful predictor of individual behavior and job performance.  In work settings, it is useful for identifying potential leaders, hard workers, team players, and rule followers among many other types of people.  Personality can help identify an individual’s fit with an organization’s culture or job.  AAI’s personality instrument, the Work Behavior Inventory (WBI), assesses 21 primary work styles sorted into the Big Five personality factors as well as several leadership styles, selling styles, and general occupational fits.

Power of Personality AAI Personality Assessments

Cognitive ability is an excellent predictor of job performance – intelligence plays a large role in how well we can do our job.  Research continually shows it to be a large factor in how we perform.  However, some jobs need certain cognitive abilities more than others and AAI’s Applied Reasoning Test (ART) measures an individual’s cognitive ability across three separate reasoning skills: Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, and Abstracting Reasoning.  We also have a separate test for Mechanical Reasoning.

Power of Cognitive Ability AAI Reasoning & Cognitive Ability Assessments

360 Assessment, often referred to as 360-degree Feedback or Multi-rater assessment, assesses an individual’s behaviors for various competencies at work by having those around the individual – boss, subordinates, peers, clients, etc. – rate them in addition to rating themselves.  This gives a unique and encompassing picture of how a person behaves at work and can identify very specific areas where a person may benefit from development or where they are a strength to the organization.

Power of 360 AAI 360 Assessments

The AAI Advantage

  • Job-relevant.  AAI assessments are specifically designed for the workplace.
  • Scientific Research.  AAI is committed to rigorous scientific research and testing of their instruments.  They continually validate and improve assessments to provide the most accurate and reliable instruments possible.
  • Customizable & Tailored.  AAI assessments are all developed in-house and we are committed to meeting your organization’s specific needs.  This gives us the capability to provide custom and tailored solutions to your organization.
  • Global Reach.  All of our tests are available online and in several different languages.
  • Professional & Experienced.  All of our staff is highly professional, knowledgeable, and very experienced.  Consultants have a Ph.D. in psychology or equivalent education and multiple