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360 assessment feedback is a powerful tool that provides employees the opportunity to receive feedback across a wide range of competencies and behaviors related to their performance from not only their supervisor or manager, but also other individuals they work closely with such as: direct reports, peers, clients, collaborators, etc.  By soliciting 360 assessment feedback from all those around the individual, this type of assessment captures a larger picture of the person’s overall effectiveness and performance than just a performance review by the boss. The feedback also helps an individual understand how his or her effectiveness is viewed by others and can be used to identify strengths and areas that may benefit from development.

360 Assessment


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  • Multiple Perspectives – New perspectives by which an individual’s skills, behaviors, abilities, or performance can be judged. Often, certain aspects or situations of an individual’s performance or behavior do not affect or are not observed by all those rating the individual, depending on their relationship. By gathering feedback from multiple perspectives, 360-degree feedback offers a more complete picture of an individual’s overall performance and skill at work. This also enables the individual to see how their behavior is perceived and affects those around them.
  • Self-Evaluation – Involves the individual in the rating process. Evaluating one’s own effectiveness can enhance the overall assessment process by including the unique perspective of the person being rated. This helps generate “buy-in” from participants and can be used to compare self-ratings to the ratings of other groups to help identify potential “blind spots” or areas in need of development.
  • Career Development – Identifies strengths and areas that may benefit from development. Evaluation of the ratings of competencies help individuals understand the areas in which they excel and should continue leveraging in their careers as well as the areas that in order to be ready for a promotion or to improve in one’s current role, they should work on developing and improving. This gives the individual excellent and targeted information about what the person needs to do to enhance his or her career.
  • Team & Organizational Development – When done across a team or the organization, 360 assessments provide information on the strengths and development areas of the team or organization. In teams, it helps them identify how to work together more effectively and can help encourage team members to be more accountable to each other. In organizations, 360° feedback provides information about the training needs and guides planning of organization-wide development initiatives.
  • Organizationally Specific – Developed around the specific competencies important to the organization. 360 assessments provide ratings of the competencies critical to success in your organization and can reinforce its culture and values. By assessing certain competencies, the organization reiterates the value of specific behaviors, skills, or abilities. This helps ensure and support individual change as part of the overall organizational strategy.

Many 360-feedback initiatives fail or organizations have bad experiences with them. At AAI, we work to ensure that it is not only the right solution for you, but that it is used in the right way and you experience the multitude of benefits it can generate. Specifically, we:

  • Linked to Your Organization – we work closely with you to define the competencies that drive success in your organization. These are defined in terms of observable, job-relevant behaviors and become the competencies and behaviors rated in the 360. This ensure what is rated is specific, measurable, and actionable. More info.
  • Focus on Development – at AAI, we focus our 360 assessments on the individual’s strengths and areas that through development, will propel their career forward. By clearly defining the competencies, we offer specific, action-based development recommendations that the individual can utilize to improve their effectiveness. More info
  • High Impact Coaching – we provide coaching on the 360° feedback results, walking the individual through the ratings and comments on the competencies. Through discussion, we identify the areas to leverage and develop that will have the greatest impact on their effectiveness and career. More info.