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Many jobs can be highly dangerous and require strict rules and procedures around safety. Despite organizations spending thousands to millions of dollars on safety equipment, developing safe procedures, and creating the safest work environment possible given the job, many still experience avoidable accidents. Any job will have human error and accidents can happen, but thousands of minor and major accidents everyday could be prevented if people were more careful or just followed the guidelines and procedures. AAI’s Safety Solutions helps organizations identify and hire the people who work hard to be safe on the job and reduce potential accidents.

The “Bad Apple” Problem

There are several reasons for preventable accidents at work – people don’t pay attention to details, they’re undependable, they show up late or not at all, or just don’t care – but a major problem for many organizations is the lack of cooperation among coworkers. Often times, a team or group has one or more individuals who refuse to help their coworkers and even get into fights while at work. This can cause serious disruptions to production and performance as coworkers lose trust in each other which can lead to accidents. “The one bad apple spoils the barrel.” The issues the organizations encounter are largely related to personality.

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  • Hire the Right People
  • Develop Safe Behaviors

AAI’s solution leverages personality assessment to identify the “good apples.”  Focusing on the soft skills typically attributed to personality, AAI has developed the Work Safety Inventory (WSI), a personality instrument assessing people across 9 primary personality characteristics related to:

  • Arriving to work on time;
  • Cooperating with coworkers;
  • Being dependable on the job;
  • Paying attention to details;
  • Working safely and following the safety guidelines;
  • Avoiding confrontations and fights with coworkers.

Using the WSI I in the selection process can help organizations hire a safer, more dependable workforce, improving productivity and performance.  More info.

Establishing safe behavior in your organization’s culture is important and though hiring the right people is a good start, developing your current employees will accelerate the organization’s drive to be safe and produce a more productive and higher performing workforce.  The WSI has a Development Report option detailing the strengths and potential cautions of a person’s highest and lowest scores across the 9 personality scales.  In addition, action-based development recommendations are referenced from AAI’s handbook: Coaching Winners!