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Customized 360 Degree Assessments are power tools used by thousands of organizations around the world.  In fact, they are used in 90% of today’s Fortune 500 companies – a testament to their usefulness and popularity.  In 360 degree assessments, an individual is rated on their effectiveness across several competencies by a wide range of perspectives: self, boss, direct reports, clients, etc.  By using not only the boss or self-perspective but the perspectives of all those who an individual works with, 360 assessments offer a more complete picture of an individual’s overall effectiveness.  More info. No two organizations are the same however, and the competencies critical to success in one may not be as important in another.  AAI offers customized 360 Degree Assessment based on your organization’s needs and objectives. Customized 360 Degree Assessment

AAI’s Customized Approach

AAI works closely with your organization to identify and define the competencies critical to success and important to your company’s mission.  More info.

  • Identify Competencies.  First we work with you to identify the 10-20 most relevant and important competencies in your organization that drive success now and will do so in the future.
  • Define Competencies.  We define the competencies with concrete, behavioral statements that are observable and measureable.  These statements are based in work settings to be highly relevant, understandable, and relatable.  Several statements are developed for each competency to represent the key or critical behaviors and to provide a complete definition.
  • Link Competencies to Development.  We link each competency to specific, action-based development recommendations that can be used to improve or grow the behaviors that will drive career success.
  • Focused Development.  In feedback sessions, we focus on the high-impact competencies that through development will benefit the individual the most.  Since the competencies are defined to your organization, this ensures development is not only tailored to the individual, but to the needs of the organization now and in the future.
  • Benefits
  • 3 Report Options:
  • The AAI Advantage

360 Assessment can dramatically improve leadership development and succession planning.  AAI’s customized approach supercharges development by focusing on the competencies critical to your organization.  Using AAI’s customized 360 builds the leadership talent within your organization and fills your succession pipeline with highly qualified leaders who will drive your business’s success in the future.

  1. Individual.  The individual report gives a person a comprehensive view of their performance from the perspective of others as well as themselves.  Strengths and potential development areas are identified and development recommendations are provided.
  2. Team.  The Team Report gives a comprehensive view of the performance of an entire team.  This provides insights into the team’s overall strengths and potential areas for development.
  3. Group.  The Group Report gives the comprehensive view of the performance of multiple teams and individuals within a larger unit.  This helps identify the competency strengths and weakness of organizational units.
  • Easy-to-interpret report—the key conclusions “jump off the page” for the participant.  They can immediately identify their strengths and development needs.
  • Behaviorally-Based & Concrete—raters rate how often the individual demonstrates key behaviors related to each competency.
  • High impact results—concise, results-oriented feedback that drives leadership effectiveness for improved business results.
  • Competency-based—it is based on the competencies essential for effective job performance in your organization, reflecting your organization’s values and focusing on those things that drive business results.
  • Write-in comments—Participants provide write-in comments for each competency providing rich detail on specific issues regarding strengths and development opportunities.
  • Coaching Winners—a development guide that provides action-based learning activities to enable employees to develop themselves.
  • Research-based system—the system is supported by extensive research and validation.