What is a 360 Degree Assessment?

Jan 06, 2014

what is a 360 degree assessment? it is an assessment that assesses an individual from all angles by evaluating his or her leadership through ratings by clients, coworkers, those who report to the individual, and the individual’s boss.  This assessment asks participants to rate the individual on multiple topics such as leadership, talent building, teamwork, focus, and strategic planning. All participants, as well as the individual being assessed, have opportunities to elaborate on their rating choices. Such a range of respondents allows for a well-rounded summary of one’s strengths and areas in which to continue development.

The purpose of 360 degree assessment is to help individuals grow in self-awareness. We often do not know how our good-intentioned actions affect others, and this assessment fills the gap between our objectives and actual behaviors. Individuals who participate in 360 degree assessments can hope to gain a greater understanding of what behaviors are helpful and what ones are unhelpful, with the long-term gain of interacting more effectively and positively with clients, coworkers, and others in the workplace. 360 degree assessments has become very popular in recent years; in a survey done by the Institute for Corporate Productivity, 77 percent of the 610 respondents from various companies reported using these assessments.  Click here  to learn more about AAI’s 360 Degree Assessment.