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One of the best predictors of future behavior is past behavior.  Assessing past behavior of job applicants in selection is one of the primary methods used to decide whether someone will be successful in the new role.  AAI’s Personal Experience (Biodata) Inventory is a questionnaire that asks about applicants’ like and work experiences pertaining to their skillsets, competence at various tasks and activities, work history, and knowledge and experience within an industry.  It deals with facts about a person’s life instead of introspection or subjective ratings.

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The Personal Experience Inventory is customized to the needs of your organization and primarily used in selection to gather information on an applicant’s work experience and competence.  It has the potential to differentiate job applicants on a wide variety of job or organization-specific skillsets or tasks necessary to effectiveness.  It typically has questions pertaining to:

  • Years of experience within an industry
  • Years with specific companies
  • Any experience abroad
  • Experience with specific job-related tasks or required skills
  • Level of competence with job-related tasks or required skills
  • Extracurricular activities where job-related skills may have been developed


In selection, it should not be used as the only method for differentiating applicants and should be used along with other assessments or measures of an applicant’s aptitude.

  • Easy to administer and compare applicants allowing for large-scale screening
  • Standard assessment across applicants for objective comparisons
  • Identify applicants who have experience with the necessary skills and activities required by the job
  • Identify applicants who are competent in the necessary skills or activities required by the job
  • Improve the quality of job hires
  • Gain a better understanding of job applicants beyond personality assessment or interviews
  • Customizable.  AAI has the ability to tailor the Personal Experience Inventory to the needs of your organization, questioning applicants about the specific skills and experiences relevant to the job and your organization.
  • Job Relevant.  It is specifically designed to measure key skills and experiences relevant to a wide range of positions and can predict people who are likely to be successful in the organization.
  • Fit.  Optimizes the fit between people and position or requirements specific to the role or organization.
  • Cost.  Reduces the cost of assessing internal or external candidates for job opportunities and roles.