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Increasing rates of change in technologies, staffing needs, and employee retention mean that organizations must have effective processes assuring the continuity of effective management and leadership.  Organizations must identify their key talent and provide ongoing development and growth opportunities to assure talent readiness and continuity.  Organizations that don’t address this often stumble during growth or when unexpected replacement needs arise.  Having an effective Succession Planning system assures the identification, development, readiness, and continuity of critical talent and leadership.

  • The Importance of Succession Planning
  • AAI’s Tailored Process
  • Benefits

Create a continuous flow of Talent

Identify and develop candidates who are positioned to move into new roles within the organization and assure that those roles are ready when people are ready.  This means managing the organization chart to find opportunities for those that are ready and for those that could be better positioned in other roles.

Develop “The Right Stuff”

Research has shown that 80% to 90% of management competence is developed through experiences on the job.  Guide the experiences of employees through assessment to accelerate their development and help assure they possess the right competencies.

  1. Obtain Senior Management commitment.
  2. Leverage your organization’s business plans to define future position requirements.  Is your business going to grow, maintain current levels, or consolidate?
  3. Define the critical success factors for your organization and how employees will be tracked.  Competency Modeling helps define these critical success factors. More info.
  4. Assess people and match them to jobs.  Objectively assess the promotability and readiness of employees.  Determine how people can be re-deployed if they are not well suited to stay in place or if a job is a key developmental assignment.
  5. Create and implement employee development plans.  Which competencies need to be developed in people and how are they to be developed?  AAI’s Coaching Winners! book is a critical tool for making this happen.
  • Identify leadership capability and potential.
  • Identify key contributors in individual or technical roles that can and should play a larger role in the organization without being pushed into a leadership role they may not want or be good at.
  • Smooth transition continuity by assuring the organization has successor candidates positioned to move into key jobs as they arise.
  • Disciplined development of talent through a systematic process that documents information on employees and objectively tracks their potential and readiness.
  • Enhanced employee retention through the active development of employees, increasing engagement, satisfaction, and organizational commitment.