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Continued success in today’s competitive marketplace requires leveraging your entire workforce. Technological change, competition, and increased customer demands are making it more difficult to manage successful organizations and more imperative to employ a high performing staff. To succeed, all employees must set and work towards goals that directly support business objectives. Therefore, it is critically important for organizations to motivate, coach, and develop their entire workforce to more effectively accomplish these goals.

At AAI, we partner with organizations to assess their employees, helping them identify the strengths of individuals and their workforce as well as potential areas for improvement that will further drive success.

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At AAI our focus goes beyond just initial assessment to further developing employees in order to improve their value to the organization. We partner with your organization to not only identify the high impact areas to focus on to improve performance, but also assist in creating action-based development plans. Our recommendations are in the form of specific step-by-step actions that through implementing regularly will improve effectiveness and performance in a given area. These development activities are largely derived from our Leadership Development Handbook: Coaching Winners! More info.

  • Individual Development. Our individual assessments provide feedback on an individual’s strengths and areas that can be leveraged or developed to improve performance.
  • Team Development. We offer team reports summarizing scores for groups of people. This gives an overview of what a team or group may be strong at or could use development on. It also gives a picture of the culture of the team which can be compared to that of other teams or the organization.
  • 360 Degree Assessment: 360 degree assessments utilize ratings of behaviors and competencies from those a person works closely with to identify potential strengths and areas for improvement. More info.
  • One-on-One Coaching: In-depth discussions with a trained coach highlight individual strengths and focus on high-impact areas for development in order to improve performance and promotability. More info.
  • Work Behavior Inventory (WBI): The Work Behavior Inventory assesses a person’s personality giving insights into how they act, work, and interact with others. More info.
  • Applied Reasoning (ART): The Applied Reasoning Test assesses a person’s ability to reason, problem solve, learn new concepts, and understand complex relationships across three separate abilities: Verbal, Numerical, & Abstract Reasoning. More info.
  • Applicant Profile Inventory: The Applicant Profile Inventory assesses a person’s personality focusing on traits and characteristics around teamwork, dependability, retention, and safety. More Info.
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