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Development Planning Coaching is a unique process that combines relevant assessment results, the Coaching Winners! action-based learning toolkit, and a development consultant’s guidance to create a high-impact development plan.  It assures learning and measurable improvements in work performance for various types of individuals and jobs.

It is a cost-effective and time-efficient way for organizations to identify the strengths and improvement areas that are unique to each employee, while implementing action-based plans for development. Finally, is designed for all levels of employees, ranging from exempt professionals to senior management positions.  The value of the Development Action Plan is that is provides practical, action-oriented, on-the-job recommendations that are centered on competencies that drive success.

  • What is the Process?
  • Coaching Winners!
  • Individualized Action Plans

The Development Action Plan consists of these steps:

  1. Gather Assessment Information
    1. 360° Assessment (to assess competencies)
    2. Work Behavior Inventory (to assess work styles)
  2. Feedback Meeting
    1. Interpret assessment results
    2. Create Draft Development Action Plan (DAP)
  3. Review of DAP by Employee, Supervisor, and Coach
  4. Implementation of DAP by Employee
  5. Progress Update Meeting (3 months later)
    1. Review Progress
    2. Create updated Plan of Action

Thought leaders indicate that about 70% of employees’ capabilities are acquired on the job, that is, through action-based learning.  Approximately 20% are learned from others.  Only about 10% are gained through formal education and training.  However, what on-the-job activities should employees be doing to develop and hone their capabilities?

Coaching Winners! A Guide to Action-Based On-the-Job Development is an easy-to-use resource that provides concrete action-based learning recommendations to improve performance.  It consists of over 300 development activities that relate to almost any job.  Its activities are like recipes to be followed.  As such, they are “recipes for success.”

Coaching Winners! Is a key resource that enables employees to take control of their own development and make progress at their own pace. More Info

Just as every individual is different, each Development Action Plan is unique to the individual.  The assessment phase drives customized recommendations for improvement.  The feedback from the coach is relevant and grounded, but also unique to the individual.  This ensures that recommendations are always centered on the right issues.