Coaching Winners!

Jun 24, 2014

So you have invested in recruiting, used valid selection tools, and have an outstanding new cohort of employees. Now what? Coaching and developing your employees is just as important as selecting the best job applicants. The wide eyed new hires today will be your organization’s future leaders tomorrow and neither your company nor the new hires themselves want to fall short of their fullest potential. Developing your employees can be useful at all levels of an organization, but it is particularly beneficial for mid-level managers who have some tenure at the company. AAI’s Coaching Winners  process involves multiple steps that push leaders from good to great. A major part of coaching is understanding the current state of affairs, which is why AAI conducts a 360 degree feedback assessment of the target employee to determine how he or she is perceived by supervisors, peers, and subordinates. The results of this and other assessments are used to develop an action plan, which is explained in a one-on-one coaching session with one of our expert coaches. During this coaching session, the target employee is given a personalized development plan coupled with actionable development activities from our original Coaching Winners! toolkit. This process is extremely effective in identifying strengths and weaknesses early in one’s career, so employees have time to hone their skills and improve their all-around performance.