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Define. Assess. Select. Develop.

Talent Management

is the anticipation of human capital needs for the organization and the planning to meet those needs. It is widely popular but can be a difficult process for an organization to use effectively. To implement talent management initiatives, organizations must understand how to source, attract, select, train, develop, retain, promote, and move employees through the organization. Doing so effectively improves business value and helps reach organizational goals by garnering more and building up current talent within the organization. What talent management becomes is the art of putting the right people in the right place and utilizing them to their full potential.

The organizations that thrive and do this effectively select and build their employees through their Talent Management Pipeline. The Talent Management Pipeline is the process, from start to finish, of identifying, hiring, and developing the people who will be successful in your organization and giving them the tools to continue to be successful. AAI’s solutions are structured to assist your organization along each step of the Pipeline.

AAI’s 4 Steps of the Pipeline:

  • Define the workplace competencies that drive success within the organization.
  • Assess applicants and employees to locate high potentials and future leaders for the company.
  • Select individuals to hire and promote who will continue to drive organizational success.
  • Develop the strengths and competencies of leaders and employees to produce a high-performing workforce.

AAI’s Solutions

AAI has worked to develop the solutions to help your organization build a successful Talent Management Pipeline. From defining competencies to developing employees, we are committed to helping you find and produce superior talent. We can focus on specific aspects of your pipeline or work with you to improve the entire process.

By providing solutions all along the Talent Management Pipeline, we ensure that your identifying the talent you not only need today, but the talent you need for the future and we put the systems in place to continue growing your talent.