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People drive organizational success.  Unfortunately people who have the necessary technical skills do not always fit into an organization’s work culture, the dynamics of a team, or have the motivation or interpersonal skills to be effective.  Identifying and hiring the right people is therefore critical.  AAI’s Professional Personality Inventory (PPI) identifies the right people by assessing their behavior across 16 personality dimensions.

Professional Personality Inventory
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The Professional Personality Inventory is a tool that assesses individuals across sixteen personality dimensions critical to success in a wide variety of individual contributor, professional, and managerial roles requiring a college degree or equivalent education.  A primary use is to determine whether a job applicant or employee will:

  • Cooperate with coworkers and collaborate on teams
  • Display high energy and work hard to achieve goals
  • Be proactive with assignments and responsibilities
  • Overcome obstacles and pay attention to details
  • Display confidence and remain calm in stressful situations


It is used in such settings as:

  • Large-scale Screening – cost-effective way to screen out candidates from a large application pool.
  • Pre-Employment Measurement – provides key insights into sixteen personality dimensions related to collaboration, achievement, and dependability.  The Report gives detailed information about each of a candidate’s scores across the dimensions.
  • Employee Job Placement – may be used post-hire to place new employees in a position or job site where they are most likely to fit in and be in alignment with the demands of the work environment.
  • Career Counseling – provides insights into an individual’s personality and work styles, which helps identify an individual’s “fit” with jobs and work environments.
  • Employee Development – by providing information about an individual’s personality, it may be used to identify strengths and areas that through development could propel the individual’s career forward.
  • Team Effectiveness.  The Professional Personality Inventory can be used with entire teams, groups, or organizations to identify the strengths and potential areas for improvement for the whole team.  It is used as a guide to identify the training needs of the team or group as a whole that through improvement, will lead to better overall productivity and performance.
  • Identify applicants who will be cooperative, driven, and dependable
  • Improve the quality of job hires
  • Improve the performance of employees and teams
  • Reduce the cost of selection by screening out applicants who are less likely to succeed
  • Customizable.  AAI has the ability to tailor the Professional Personality Inventory to the needs of your organization.  This can involve adding or subtracting specific personality scales as well as norming scores to your organization to better identify those who will be successful in your unique culture.
  • Job Relevant.  It is specifically designed to measure key personality traits relevant to a wide range of positions and can predict people who are likely to be cooperative and dependable.
  • Fit.  Optimizes the fit between people and position or requirements specific to the role or organization.
  • Cost.  Reduces the cost of assessing internal or external candidates for job opportunities and roles.
  • Valid & Reliable.  The Professional Personality Inventory has been validated for measuring the underlying constructs, is highly reliable, especially when compared to other personality tests, and is legally defensible.