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Few decisions can be as important or as difficult as selecting and hiring the right people for the job and your organization.  By hiring the right people, you can improve or enhance productivity, customer service, teamwork, quality, performance, and the profitability of your organization.  However, many organizations have difficulty identifying and hiring the best job applicants, either internally or externally.  How can you be sure that your selection procedures are identifying the right individuals?

No selection system is perfect, but AAI works with organizations to improve their selection process and be able to better distinguish between candidates who will succeed on the job versus those who may struggle.  AAI provides services focusing on four main steps in the personnel selection process:

  1. Competency Modeling
  2. Assessment Design
  3. Talent Assessment
  4. Structured Interviews
  • 4 Steps
  • Custom Assessment

Competency Modeling

It is important for an organization to know what drives their employees’ success.  Identifying and defining the competencies that contribute to effective/enhanced employee performance is the first step in the personnel selection process.  By doing so with observable and measurable characteristics, organizations can use their competency model to assess and compare job applicants on the characteristics they should have in order to perform at a high level on the job.  More info.

Assessment Design

Finding and hiring the right people for your organization is crucial to its success.  Designing the right process for testing and selecting applicants increases your chances of building a talented, high-performing workforce.  AAI works with organizations to evaluate and assist in their selection process.  We can evaluate specific steps or your entire process to ensure you are examining the important characteristics of candidates and selecting people who will be successful in your organization.  More info.

Talent Assessment

Using AAI’s assessments in personnel selection becomes a powerful tool for identifying and distinguishing between those individuals who are the right fit for your organization and those who may not be.  AAI offers several types of employee assessments for any level of the organization to identify the talent and future leaders of your organization.  More info.

Competency-Based Interviews

Interviews are one of the most common practices in personnel selection.  They give organizations a chance to interact with a job candidate, gauging their personality and fit with the job and company, as well as the opportunity to discuss specific qualifications and aspects of the work.  Structured interviews are when the same questions are given in the same order to each individual being interviewed.  Utilizing this type of interview process allows organizations to reliably compare responses across people.  More info.

Each organization is unique and faces unique challenges.  At AAI, we tailor our approach to the needs of your organization.  Our assessments are built to meet a wide range of needs as well as being customizable to better align with your organization’s objectives.  We partner with you to understand your needs and work towards the best solution for you.