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Customer service solutions are critical in finding employees that can deliver quality customer service and provide long tenure.  In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, consumers are demanding better customer service from organizations.  Too often, customers react or leave organizations angry and frustrated with the service they receive.  These problems typically occur when the customer interacts with an employee or customer service representative and is left feeling their concerns are unanswered, they were treated unfairly or disrespectfully, or dismissed or ignored as unimportant.  Finding and hiring employees who make the customer feel valued and attended to is critical for developing long term customer relationships.Customer Service Solutions

  • AAI’s Customer Service Inventory
  • Effective Customer Service
  • Interviewing for Customer Service

The Customer Service Inventory is a customer service assessment designed to help organizations identify individuals who will succeed in customer service roles.  It measures 14 primary personality work styles around sociability, concern for others, self-control, and attention to detail.  The Customer Service Inventory also provides a customizable overall likelihood of effectiveness in customer service based on the traits your organization finds most important.  More info.

  •  Selection.  The Customer Service Inventory is most often used in selection to identify job applicants who exemplify the key customer service traits desired by the organization.  By providing scores across several different personality work styles, organizations can focus on specific aspects of customer service (e.g. attention to detail).
  • Development.  The Customer Service Inventory can be used in development to identify the customer service strengths and potential areas for improvement among current or newly hired employees.  Working closely with AAI or your Human Resources department with the results can aid in building specific development plans to improve customer service.

People, how they interact and treat others, drive effective customer service.  These people skills are best assessed by using personality instruments.  Organizations can use them in selection to identify candidates who will likely excel in customer service roles and in develop to identify the strengths and areas for development of current employees.  AAI has developed the Customer Service Inventory (CSI), a personality assessment specifically designed to measure traits highly related to good customer service.

Beyond assessment, interviewing job applicants on their customer service skills can provide added insights into their behavior and performance in customer service roles.  To fully take advantage of the interview process, AAI’s utilizes a two-step approach:

  1. Competency Modeling.  AAI works with your organization to identify the customer service competencies most relevant to success.  These are defined in terms of behaviors likely to be seen on the job and form the basis for the interview process.  More info.
  2. Competency-Based Interview Guides.  Once the competencies are decided and defined, AAI can help develop custom interview guides based on the competencies.  Questions focus on past customer service behaviors and are asked of each candidate to easily compare responses.  More info.