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The 360 Degree Assessment is a powerful tool used by many of today’s successful organizations. It is the process of assessing the competence of an individual from the perspectives of others all around him or her. This includes the employee’s own perception of his/her competencies, and also the perspectives of the boss, peers, direct reports, and, if appropriate, customers and other work colleagues. This information is consolidated and reported in a way that maintains rater confidentiality while giving individuals a comprehensive view of their performance and a clear guide for focused development. The fact that 360 Degree Assessment programs are in place in 90% of today’s Fortune 500 companies is testament to its popularity and usefulness as an effective tool. AAI’s 360 Degree Assessment system uses well-researched behaviors to help your organization differentiate between high and low performers and then provide concrete, action-based development recommendations unique to each individual. 360 Degree Assessment

  • Applications
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  • AAI Advantage
  • Leadership Development — to diagnose employee strengths and development opportunities for building superior talent.
  • Talent Management & Succession Planning — to address the organization’s management continuity needs.
  • Organizational Capability Analysis — to identify the competency strengths and weaknesses of organizational units.
  • Organizational Effectiveness — by defining and measuring competencies, organizations focus employees on those behaviors that underlie success.

360 Assessment dramatically improves leadership development. In turn, effective leaders drive highly successful organizations. Research has shown that the key to the development of superior leaders is effective feedback on their competencies: where they are strong and where they need further development. In fact, the majority of leaders have self-perceptions of their competencies that are virtually unrelated to the perceptions of others. Consequently, feedback is critical to the development of highly effective leaders. More info.

  • Easy-to-Interpret Report — the key conclusions “jump off the page” for the participant. They can immediately identify their strengths and development needs.
  • Behaviorally-Based & Concrete — raters rate how often the individual demonstrates key behaviors related to each competency.
  • Hight Impact Results — concise, results-oriented feedback that drives leadership effectiveness for improved business results.
  • Competency-Based — it is based on competencies essential for effective job performance, reflecting your organization’s values and focusing on those things that drive business results.
  • Write-In Comments — participants provide write-in comments for each competency providing rich detail on specific issues regarding strengths and development opportunities.
  • Coaching Winners — a development guide that provides action-based learning activities to enable employees to develop themselves.
  • Research-based system — the system is supported by extensive research and validation.