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Leadership development is a key facet of organizational success.  Developing your leaders and leadership teams can enhance productivity, teamwork, communication, and the bottom line.  At AAI, we partner with organizations to identify high potential leaders and implement strategies for enhancing leadership bench strengths.

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Many leadership development programs focus on particular skills or situations which may or may not be relevant in the future or for each participant.  At AAI, we use assessments to identify and focus on the characteristics specific to each individual that will improve their effectiveness and accelerate their career.  From there, we help create actionable development plans around the high impact areas that will have the greatest effect on both the individual’s and the organization’s success.

Personality Assessment

We use personality assessment to identify a leader’s behavior and tendencies at work.  This gives insights into the underlying drivers of how they may act or interact with others.  It also gives an idea of an individual’s preferred leadership style – how they tend to take charge and lead others. More Info

Reasoning & Cognitive Ability Assessment

We use cognitive ability tests to measure a leader’s problem solving and reasoning skills around verbal, numerical, and abstract information.  This gives insight into their ability to handle higher level roles and the increasing complexity of problems they may encounter. More Info

360 Degree Assessment

We create 360 degree assessments around the specific competencies relevant to success in your organization.  Direct reports, bosses, clients, peers, etc. are asked to rate the leader’s effectiveness on specific behaviors related to each competency as well as providing self-ratings.  This gives multiple perspectives of where a leader may be strong and where they may benefit from development. More Info


Based on assessments and development feedback, we provide tailored coaching to leaders.  Through a thorough analysis of each assessment, we are able to help create a specific individual development plan for the leader to improve their effectiveness and accelerate their career.  Development recommendations are specific, step-by-step actionable activities that through regular practice, will improve a leader’s ability or performance in the given area.  More Info

  • Tailored development to each individual, ensuring they are focusing and developing the areas that will drive their career forward and improve their effectiveness.
  • Specific, actionable development recommendations and development plans that allow each leader to be the driver of their own success.
  • Researched and validated assessments that measure the intended constructs and have been found to be job-relevant and great predictors of performance across employees, managers, and executives in hundreds of organizations.
  • Our assessments are available online and at a fraction of the cost of comparable tests from competitors.

We have several assessments and services around leadership development.  Those that have had the greatest impact are:

  • Work Behavior Inventory (WBI):  The WBI assesses a leader’s personality giving insights into how they act, work, and interact with others as well as how their personality plays out in the form of their primary leadership style.  More Info.
  • Applied Reasoning Test – Manager/Professional (ART-MP): The ART-MP assesses a leader’s ability to reason, problem solve, learn new concepts, and understand complex relationships across three separate abilities: Verbal, Numerical, & Abstract Reasoning.  More Info.
  • Advancement Potential Inventory (API): The API combines personality and reasoning into an overall measure of potential and likely success in expanded and future roles.  More Info.
  • 360° Feedback Assessment: 360° assessments utilize ratings of behaviors and competencies from those a leader works closely with to identify potential strengths and areas for improvement.  More Info.
  • One-on-One Coaching: In-depth discussions with a trained coach highlight individual strengths and focus on high-impact areas for development in order to improve performance and promotability.  More Info.