A Leader's Toolkit for Coaching & Developing Talent

By Ronald C. Page, Ph.D.

Coaching Winners! has been designed as a support tool for coaching and developing individuals. Using a competency framework, it provides specific and detailed instructions to enable individuals to develop and practice new behaviors and skills.  Moreover, it helps in creating and implementing action-oriented development plans. Coaching Winners! provides suggestions in easy-to-follow steps for on-the-job activities to assist in further developing and enhancing an individual’s competencies.

Research has shown that the most effective form of employee learning and development is through on-the-job experiences.  Capitalizing on this fact, this guide provides suggestions and guidance on specific work activities. Like a recipe book, Coaching Winners! provides step-by-step procedures (i.e. “recipes”) for developing and honing specific job-related behaviors, skills, and competencies.  Following the step-by-step activities in this guide will lead to increased competence and effectiveness in those areas

Coaching Winners! assists managers, coaches, mentors, and employee in helping increase an individual’s performance, capability, and career potential. It:

  • Provides concrete, step-by-step suggestions for activities that develop and hone an individual’s skills.
  • Enables employees to create a focused development plan.
  • Enables employees to take responsibility for their own development by providing clear guidance.
  • Helps assure that employees have the right skills to maximize their career potential.
  • Helps assure that employees have the right skills to meet the organization’s evolving skill requirements.
  • Provides a process in which action-based development suggestions are identified and implemented, leading to new skills.
  • Contributes to improved employee and organizational performance.