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Leaders are the drivers of organizations.  They develop the mission, create and implement strategy, push the limits of innovation, and motivate employees to better performance.  Unfortunately, many organizations are unsure of who their best leaders are or where their next leaders are coming from, either internally or externally.  Leadership Assessment is an effective tool for identifying potential leaders and how to improve the leadership of current employees.

What is Leadership Assessment?

Leadership Assessment is a process for identifying and describing an individual’s unique characteristics as they pertain to leading, managing, and directing others and how such characteristics fit into a given position’s requirements.  Just as no two leaders are alike, no two positions have exactly the same requirements.  The Leadership Assessment process describes a candidate’s way of leading others with reference to a specific position, present or future.  This information helps the employer in selection, placement, and development decisions.  The objective is to help organizations maximize their leadership: finding the right leaders and placing them in positions where they’ll succeed and drive business.

  • Why Assess Leaders?
  • AAI’s Tailored Process
  • Benefits

Leadership Assessments can be useful for a number of applications:

  • Selection, Placement, and Promotion Decisions – Objectively assess the candidate’s leadership capabilities compared to the position’s requirements.
  • Development – Enhance development by increasing ability to fully utilize employee capacities.
  • Succession Planning – Identify leaders early and create a continuous flow of effective leaders within the organization.
  • Organization Effectiveness – Assessment provides an objective means of researching and identifying the precise capabilities that drive organizational success.

AAI’s process typically involves a tailored combination of the following components:

  • Competency Modeling.  We work with the employer to identify specifically those competencies that drive success for the target position.  More info.
  • Structured Interview.  We conduct a behavioral interview to identify the person’s leadership capabilities with respect to relevant competencies.  More info.
  • Cognitive Ability Tests.  We assess cognitive ability with a range of verbal, numerical, and problem-solving tests.  More info.
  • Personality Inventories.  We assess behavioral styles, including leadership styles, interpersonal styles, and emotional styles.  More info.
  • Role-Play Simulations.  If appropriate, we conduct role-play simulations to assess real-world leadership capabilities.
  • Precise definitions of the competencies that drive leadership success for you organization, assuring that you target those behaviors that truly build superior performance.
  • Identifying and hiring effective leaders because the most competent leaders and selected through an objective assessment process.
  • Developing capability and leadership bench strength by identifying potential leaders early and providing development opportunities and growth to ensure the organization meets future leadership needs.