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Leaders are often isolated from specific feedback, making it difficult for them to learn, change, and develop their effectiveness.  The High-Performance Coaching Program is an in-depth process designed to help leaders develop specific skills and behaviors that lead to enhanced leadership.  The emphasis is on developing and honing practical skills for immediate application.  As such, it helps unlock potential of key employees.

High-Performance coaching consists of a series of structured, one-on-one, interactions between a coach and an employee aimed at enhancing the employee’s performance.  It is:

  • A means of facilitating individual learning in order to enhance individual work performance.
  • Delivered one-to-one, for a specific period of time.
  • Used for both development and performance improvement.
  • Facilitated by an objective, neutral person, who is not part of the work group.
  • A process in which action-based development suggestions are identified and implemented, leading to new skills.

Like the coach of an Olympic athlete, AAI coaches help employees add to their skills by helping them unlock potential and understand and change what is preventing them from reaching personal and organizational goals.

  • Why do it?
  • What is the Process?
  • What are the Benefits?

AAI’s High-Performance Coaching process:

  • Provides individualized guidance to enhance skills.
  • Links business objectives with individual learning.
  • Promotes continuous learning and development.
  • Provides development through action learning.

AAI’s process typically involves the following steps:

  1. Competency Assessment.  An analysis of the individual’s competencies and behavioral styles.  This may include 360° Assessment, behavioral questionnaires, interviews, or direct observation.
  2. Feedback.  Feedback about strengths, development needs, blind spots, and development suggestions.
  3. Action Planning.  The creation of a focused Development Action Plan.
  4. Development Actions & Ongoing Feedback.  Ongoing guidance on behavioral options and approaches for enhancing success.  (We provide suggestions from AAI’s Coaching Winners Guide.)
  5. Handoff and Maintenance “Checkups.”  Guidance on independently assuring ongoing development.

AAI’s High-Performance Coaching process:

  • Enhances performance of both individuals and organizations.
  • Develops capability for emerging leadership needs.
  • Unlocks potential of underutilized employees.
  • Enhances skills that will benefit employees for their entire career.
  • Identifies and overcomes “blind spots.“
  • Increases potential to achieve business goals.