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Finding the right people for a job or your organization can be difficult.  Many applicants have the necessary technical skills and expertise but fail to fit in with the team or company culture.  This leads to lower productivity, interpersonal issues, and higher turnover.  AAI has developed the Applicant Screening Inventory to help organizations identify the individuals who will succeed in your organization and screen out those who do not fit.  It finds the right people, looking beyond just the technical requirements of the job.

Applicant Screening Inventory

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The Applicant Screening Inventory is a short personality assessment specifically designed to evaluate job applicants on six personality dimensions critical to work effectiveness and performance across a wide variety of entry level roles.  A primary use is to determine whether a job applicant has the necessary drive, interpersonal skills, and commitment to succeed on the job by measuring personality characteristics around:

  • Teamwork and cooperation
  • Maintaining composure and avoiding emotional outbursts
  • Taking action and working hard
  • Being dependable and following rules


It is used in such setting as:

  • Large-scale Screening – cost-effective way to screen out candidates from a large application pool.
  • Pre-Employment Measurement – provides key insights into six personality dimensions related to collaboration, engagement, and dependability.  The Report gives detailed information about each of a candidate’s scores across the dimensions.
  • Selection – used to identify job applicants who exemplify key personality traits relevant to job success.
  • Identify applicants who “fit” into the role and the organization.
  • Improve the quality of job hires.
  • Reduce selection and turnover costs by easily screening out applicants that do not fit.
  • Increase productivity, teamwork, and performance.
  • Customizable.  AAI has the ability to tailor the Applicant Screening Inventory to the needs of your organization.  This can involve adding or subtracting specific personality scales as well as norming scores to your organization to better identify those who will be successful in your unique culture.
  • Job Relevant.  It is specifically designed to measure key personality traits relevant to entry-level type positions and can predict people who are likely to work hard and be cooperative.
  • Fit.  Optimizes the fit between people and role or job requirements specific to your organization.
  • Cost.  Reduces the cost of assessing internal or external candidates for job opportunities and roles.
  • Valid & Reliable.  The Applicant Screening Inventory has been validated for measuring the underlying constructs, is highly reliable, especially when compared to other personality tests, and is legally defensible.