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Identifying leadership potential, determining the right development actions for them, and putting high potential individuals into key development roles quickly can differentiate successful organizations.  Sometimes leadership potential means becoming more professionally competent in an area of the organization that the individual is already working in, sometimes it means taking on new responsibilities in another area of the organization, and sometimes it means taking on leadership responsibilities.  What we do know is that Leadership potential, regardless of the direction, involves a combination of both personality and cognitive ability.  The Leadership Potential Report (LPR) is a unique and powerful tool that assesses both of these aspects of Leadership: personality and cognitive ability.  More info.

The Personality Side of Leadership Potential

The LPR assesses the behaviors that relate to leadership potential for professional growth and career advancement.  This includes demonstrating behaviors that relate to consistently growing the breadth of one’s career-related capabilities; taking on higher-level responsibilities; showing motivation for advancing into future roles with increased responsibilities; and showing commitment to life-long growth and learning.  There are four broad dimensions assessed:

  • Interpersonal Versatility –  an individual’s style in taking charge and influencing groups.
  • Thinking Versatility – an individual’s style in analyzing and adapting to changing situations.
  • Results Versatility – an individual’s style in taking initiative and working to achieve goals.
  • Emotional Versatility – an individual’s style for handling stress and confidence.

The Cognitive Ability Side of Leadership Potential

The LPR assesses the reasoning skills related to career growth and professional advancement.  This includes the degree to which the individual learns new concepts, solves problems, and spots trends in an accurate and efficient manner.  Specifically, the LPR measures Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, and Abstract Reasoning. 

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The LPR was developed specifically to identify high potentials and assist in succession planning.  This makes it a powerful tool in the workplace for any Talent Management initiative as it can be used for issues related to:

  • Selection – the LPR offers critical insights into candidates’ potential and job fit, spotlighting strengths and potential weaknesses for their career advancement.
  • Development – the LPR identifies the benefits and limitations of scores across the personality scales as well as providing specific development recommendations.
  • Leadership – the LPR discusses a person’s leadership style, offering detailed descriptions of when it may be useful and when it may not be effective.
  • Succession Planning – the LPR provides a 9-Box Talent Management Worksheet to aid in identifying Top Talent and what to do to prepare people for future roles.  More info.

Validation studies have proven the effectiveness of the Leadership Potential Report:

  • Measures the potential for career advancement of applicants and employees in a highly reliable manner, especially when compared to other personality and cognitive ability tests.
  • Optimizes the fit between people and position requirements specific to each organization.
  • Reduces cost of assessing internal or external candidates for job opportunities and roles.
  • Helps assure optimal quality, productivity, and effectiveness of the workforce by aiding in the advancement of high potentials into higher levels of responsibility within the organization.
  • The Leadership Potential Report has been validated for measuring the underlying constructs and is legally defensible.
  • Job Relevant.  It is specifically designed to measure key personality traits and reasoning skills to predict career growth, professional advancement, and leadership.
  • Fit.  Optimizes the fit between people and position.
  • Valid & Reliable.  The LPR has been validated for measuring the underlying constructs, is highly reliable, is legally defensible, and proven to differentiate and identify high potential leaders.