What Makes You Good at Your Job?

Oct 06, 2014

What makes you good at your job?  There are many ways to answer this question; some people say “hard-working, detail-oriented, and reliable” while others highlight “respectful, works well with others, and stays calm in stressful situations”. These are just a few examples of personality traits that can lead to successful performance, but what about someone who is hard working but has angry outbursts? Or someone who is extremely sociable but wastes time in team meetings? How do you know which traits are necessary and which are pleasant add-ons?

The past few decades of research on personality has lead to two answers for this question: there are some personality traits that are beneficial in many types of jobs, but the benefit of some personality traits depends on the task at hand. Let’s consider someone who is extremely sociable and talkative. This trait will likely be an asset in the hospitality industry, sometimes favorable in a corporate business setting, and potentially problematic in a national intelligence role. At AAI we understand the power of personality in determining the right fit between an employee and an employer in influencing subsequent job performance and employee satisfaction. If you are interested in learning more about how AAI uses personality to help organization’s select, develop, and retain employees be sure to check out our power of personality page and our customized personality assessments!