Selling Styles Inventory Predicts Sales Performance!

Feb 27, 2014

Our Selling Styles Inventory (SSI) is a personality measure created from research based sales selection best practices. We gave this measure to two large organizations, one in financial services and one in medical services, to assess whether the SSI does in fact predict sales performance. Both organizations segmented their sales employees into three groups based on recent sales performance; group “A” for high performers, group “B” for average performers, and group “C” for low performers. Statistical analyses revealed that SSI composite scores differentiated high and low performers in both organizations, and our measure sorted employees more accurately than most selection measures in the selection literature!

These results are exciting because it supports the future use of the SSI as a valid selection tool. How? This study found that sales employees’ recent performance is positively related to employees’ SSI score; therefore, we can use the SSI measure as a proxy for sales performance when selecting new employees. Adding the SSI to the selection system of these two organizations will double their success rate of selecting high performing employees! Contact us now to find out the expected business impact for YOUR organization with the addition of the SSI to your selection system.